2018. március 26., hétfő

Spring festival at our primary school (Tavaszünnep)

3 minutes video

Starring Elen, Catrin and Tristan in order of apperance :)

Catrin's and Arwel's birthday party with friends in January 2018

Birthday cakes: Catrin 3, Arwel 5


Birthday gift a sledge, RIP, lived for 2 weeks

 Ice fun on the Békás Tó




Our Little Dancing Queen


Big roadtrip to Wales for Christmas

it is coming soon ....

2017. október 8., vasárnap

Family wedding in August, Debrecen

Elen was bridesmaid for the first time
My mothers side of the family
Arwel with my Uncle (father of the Bride)

He is into something....

Second cousins waiting for the cake

Dancing, dancing, dancing until we were all knackered...

2017. október 2., hétfő

Camping Ca'savio 2017

The trip

Trying to fit everythin in

On the road for about 5 minutes

Finally some rest

Family biketrip trough the lagunes

It was roasting...

Kids took their on cameras should be some lovely pictures aswell

 Beach life

Sandcastle competiton - 3rd place 

Tristan at volleyball training with his friend

Missy in pink

Tough life

Pasta, pasta....pizza

Burano from the main land

 Camp Life

Girls just wanna have fun - minidisco


Our tent

Ice cream

More ice cream

Daytrip to Burano - everybody happy :)

Waiting for the boat

There and after
The boat is always fun

Tiny little island with colorful houses

No more daytrips - he said