2010. november 28., vasárnap


Happy Nameday/Saint to Tristan! And also Happy Birthday to Daddy (25th November) and Imre Papi (30th November)! Last week was all about celebrating, just like a dress rehersal before Christmas!

2010. november 22., hétfő


We have started nursery last week, in Hungary it's about two weeks to be fully "trained". At the begining we go in together than he spends longer and longer period of time inside. Today I had to go out for about half hour, he was screaming for a bit, but than he stopped and started again after 10 minutes, but they say we are doing well. He's got a really cool sign: car. So far he enjoys the kids company and the new toys, unfortunately the weather is really rainy so they can't go out, that would make the whole procedure easier!

2010. november 10., szerda

Daddy was right

Mam has been worrying about Elen's development as she didn't really want to crawl. She was pulling herself with her arms and than started to stand up, than sit down, but no crawling, Dad always said there is nothing to worry about, just give her time! This has changed tonight, she has started to crawl, so, here it is: Daddy was right!

2010. november 6., szombat

2010. november 5., péntek


It's been a few weeks when Elen first stood up. She started with standing on her knees and sat back, sometimes a yoga instructor would be jelous! She is now really confortable and confident on her knees, so she is constantly trying to stand up, but than she has no idea what to do! She is really frightened and shaky, just like little Bambi!

2010. november 4., csütörtök