2010. május 18., kedd

Protective brother

And Elen is making her way slowly to Adi's hand, cheeky!

2010. május 1., szombat

When 3 languages meet in a baby's head

I think it's time to start to note Tristans babytalks as his vocabulary is expanding so quickly, he uses one term for a week than changes it! He even said kutya (hungarian for dog) today, which has always been vau-vau and nothing else. Here are some cute things he says and shows his mixed up little mind:
BIA BIA - labda (H) + pel (W) = ball (E) the welsh version is pronunced with a B
DAU (pronounced DAI) - means two in welsh and whenever he wants to jump off something he says this as he usually counts 1, 2, 3 with his Dad when they playing. But for him, whatever is on something is Dai also! There is a sculpture by us and a part of it is high up, he looks at it seriously and points: Mum, Dai!
HÁP, HÁP - this is quack quack in English, he became the biggest enemy of the pigeons in the neighbourhood, especially when he is on his bike, he chases them and shouts háp háp