2009. április 22., szerda


Today I walked from one end of the couch to the other. And our couch is weally weally long, about 2 meters! I thought it was fun! Mum and Dad were cheering and clapping but I thought it was all in my stride.

2009. április 20., hétfő

Quicker Mammy, quicker!

Just for the record, the bike belongs to my friend Barbara, thats why its girlish :) I loved it, can't wait to have my own!

2009. április 14., kedd

Easter ham

Mum was trying to feed me babyfood, but I thought to myself I quite like the things what she was eating, so I gave her no options!

2009. április 12., vasárnap


We would like to welcome Áron, who has born on the 10th, he is so cute and tiny! Congratulations for the parents!

2009. április 11., szombat

Happy Easter - Kellemes Húsvéti Ünnepeket!

Rugby boys

We've spent a lovely afternoon in Leányfalu, I played in the sand with the other kids and there was gulyás for the adults I opted for grapes instead, which I can eat on my own with a bit of help!

Watching the cars from the balkony