2013. november 6., szerda

Quick catch up

I know, I know, we haven't even written about our summer really yet, its because I wanted to make a nice big post about the welsh trip with loads of pictures, but it's just never happened. Anyway.
After our super eventful summer a new page of our life started, Elen is in school now aswell. Oh, she loves it. She think she is all big girl now, using Tristan as a shield, they both enjoy it. And us too, it's just a little quiter in the mornings, we deserved it, since we lost our evenings together!
It is funny how quick both of the older children are developing since they are experiencing the same things in school. Elen learns all the songs (Tristan didn't care about them first year at all), so Tristan sings them aswell. Tristan copies the big boys how to peel woodsticks, how to draw things, so at home he does it and than Elen just copies him...They play much better together since September! Yay!
And last but not least our little diamond, Arwel. He is just supercute! He is developing very quick (too quick for my liking), he was 9 months old a week ago and already walking along the sofa, showing what he wants by pointing, shaking his little bum for any music... He is full of smiles and has an enormous apetite!

2013. augusztus 7., szerda


I wanted to post about how quick Arwel is developing for a while now, here is the proof, he stood up today!
The last weeks he also started to crawl and sit up, but I did not see this coming...

2013. június 25., kedd

A day in school

The boys are building something

Let's check out the ladies ;)

Season table

Getting larger

The quiet corner

What's up? - with one of the best friends, Levéd

Bit bored

The big boys from one side....

....Hello Gorgeous!

Loner :)

Last Friday in school, last excursion

2013. június 17., hétfő

School year over, summer is officialy here

Yesterday we had the Summer Festival in school, which was really nice and emotional for the leaving families. Another year has gone, I can't believe that Tristan is turning 5 soon and Elen will go to school in September so something definitely will change in our life again.
We are planning to have a wicked summer which we started today with the first swimming class which they loved! Tristan has already learnt how to ride the bike, next stop is swimming!
Pictures will follow soon.

2013. április 28., vasárnap

Just like my brother...

Yesterday I found Arwel on his back in his cot (he sleeps on his belly) and I was so surprised but than it clicked that Tristi did the same, he turned once before he was 3 months old and than really started to roll when he was 4 months. We will see.
Also another early thing was with Tristan is his teething, first one broke through also at 4 moths. Well Arwel will be earlier in that I'm sure, he's got all rosy cheeks and you can see the teeth getting whiter and whiter.
We can see that he will be an active one, not a slow one like Elen (who also caught up since).
Here is a video of Arwel being hyper. he just wants to go :)