2010. április 22., csütörtök

She is growing so quickly

Just like the brother she has found her thumb, no space for dummies any more!

2010. április 17., szombat

Waking up in a mood after afternoon nap - quite usual situation

Visiting work with the kids when the volcanic ash is around

Bunny, why don't you sing for me?

Girls defenitely develop quicker

We were very surprised today, as Elen has turned from her belly to her back, twice actually! Tristan has done this when he was 5 months old. She also started to reach for things and her grab is getting stronger and stronger, soon she can enjoy a rattle! We are amazed, she is not even 4 months!
(for the record recently she gets up at 2 o'clock in the morning, not very well done...)

2010. április 11., vasárnap

End of the year kids

We have been keeping contact with the mothers that shared the same ward. The babies were so cute and patient models, only Elen was crying!
From left to right
Keve (29.12), Míra (29.12), Csenge (28.12), Elen (26.12), Benjámin (28.12)

Long weekend in Zalakaros

We didn't take the camera, here are just a few pictures I took with my phone!

2010. április 4., vasárnap

Elen's Christening

Looking pretty

Before and after

Proud Compadres

2010. április 2., péntek

Happy Easter

We wish a blessed Easter to everyone (és sok locsolót a magyar jányoknak) !