2008. december 25., csütörtök

Few more pictures from Wales around Xmas

This is Caerphilly, where my father is from. We went for a nice walk around the town and visited the great grand mothers.
I got loads of presents one of them is my first Welsh rugby kit.

With my cousin, Leah.

2008. december 11., csütörtök

Fighting and wrecking a play mat with Gellért

That's how its all started, we have been put on the same play mat.

Then suddenly things got a little interesting.

Which we both thought was quite funny.

Then I turned
but Gellért wasn't
shy either...

Daddy! Wait until I get older!

2008. december 5., péntek

First kiss

Puszi means little kiss in Hungarian and the "bride to be" is Barbara a 9 month old girlfriend.

2008. december 2., kedd

My new voice

Doing our excercises

Probably a lot of you know, that dad had a serious knee injury. I was thinking how could I help his rehab. Here it goes: