2010. február 27., szombat

Shadow mask

The new favourite: painting

And he is wondering, why we paint only once a day...

The work of art
When the funtime is over

2010. február 20., szombat

2 days

Zita: I have been studying photoshop for 2 days now and my first piece is finally done, see above, the new banner. I took the picture with my phone, so it's not the best, soon a better one will come, now I'm an expert! Thanks to Wendy for all the previous banners, I will try to do them myself from now...

2010. február 14., vasárnap

Couldn't catch the smile...

...but you can still see how awake she is now! So interested in everything!

2010. február 1., hétfő

It's more like it...

Elen was 5 weeks old this Saturday and we were starting to get a bit nervous and impatient about her sleeps at nights. Tristan was 4 weeks old when he had the first long sleep (about 6 hours) and than it was getting more and more often and longer. Finally (but of course still very early for her age, so well done) Eli has started the longer periods aswell. It's a Godsend. Although for some reason she is not really keen on falling asleep after bathing, but hopefully that will change soon also, we are going to try some products for colic as we think that what keeps her up.

Saturday - the big snow arrived

So we went for a lovely walk to the Gellért-hegy with the kids strapped to us, that was to only way to get somewhere, the cars and roads were covered with a lot of snow! It was also a good exercise (for mum).