2009. december 31., csütörtök

2009. december 30., szerda

Just for the record

Elen Lloyd, born 26th December 2009 at 20.26
weight: 3100 g (6.82 Lbs)
length: 51 cm (20.1 inches)

After the first night at home we have to say: Heads down Tristan! You've done much better than we expected! Very clever, mature big brother!

2009. december 29., kedd

Tristi meets Elen for the first time


Today we have been released from the hospital, so our family is reunited! It was an funny afternoon, at the moment a bit caotic, but we will be fine! Tristan is really interested in Elen, kissing and hugging her, they are really cute!
Thanks for everyone for all the messages from all around the world!

2009. december 27., vasárnap

2009. december 21., hétfő


While the parents are waiting in town, Tristan is definitely having fun down at his grandparents!


Well there is nothing to say, we are still waiting for Elen to get herself together, maybe she finds it too cold outside, which is totally understandable :)

2009. december 19., szombat

2009. december 18., péntek

Looking good

Quick news, I've just been to the hospital and the doctor said the baby could come over the weekend! I really wanted her to come on the 19th, that's tomorrow, hopefully she will be a good girl and will listen to Mammy!
Fingers cross everyone!

2009. december 15., kedd

On the road...

Mum can't sit still for one so she keeps dragging me all around town! Sometimes I have enough of the travelling but mostly I can entertain myself with reading my favourit on the road dog book or just having little naps.

2009. december 13., vasárnap

First snow

This morning while we were having breakfast it suddenly started snowing! The kids (Tristan and Gareth) were so excited, hopefully it means White Christmas at last! Fingers cross!

2009. december 8., kedd

Tegan, Sarah and Ian were over

Gareth's cousin Ian and his family were over for a few days last week, as the days went by the Cornish/Welsh/Hungarian relations got stronger so the kids were in tears saying goodbye.

2009. december 7., hétfő

Meeting Santa

Santa was very tired travelling all way from Lappland, but the nice song cheered him up!

So he called each kid by name and gave the present he brought!

I mean all the kids...

2009. december 5., szombat

2009. november 29., vasárnap

2009. november 28., szombat


Nagyon boldog névnapot kis Huncut! Hétfőn ünneplünk hármasban!
Happy saint, nameday, have a lovely day!
Mami, Daddy

2009. november 25., szerda

Happy Birthday Gareth! Pen-blwydd hapus Daddy!

Have fun in Wales! We are looking forward to have you back!

2009. november 23., hétfő

34th week scan

If you give it a moment and look close on the top of the scan picture you can see Elen's head and arms. She was already chubby and very active, the doctor said!
Everything is going fine, she is about 2 kilos now (4,4 pounds) and still expected end of December begining of January. Although mum thinks the best date would be the 19th of December!

2009. november 8., vasárnap

..and I also like when my things are clean!

I love to read

You can also study Tristan's vocabulary developing in this video he is making car and dog noises and at the end he is trying to say "csüccs" which means sit in Hungarian. He loves to sit on someones lap and going through books, our little bookworm :)

He also recognizes cats and fishes and makes funny noises for them, he says "dada" for the ball and today's newcome is the chicken noise in sort of Welsh "cot-cot-cot". We realised that at the moment he says things in one language and always picks the easier one. There are going to be some funny sentences in the future I bet!

2009. október 30., péntek

Lonely weekend

Daddy has just left for Denmark to play for the Hungarian national team, good luck for them! The game is on tomorrow, but they only arriving back on Monday.
As mum is working Tristan is going down to his grandparents on Saturday and only coming back on Wednesday morning. He has got a runny nose so we can't really do a lot of things, but stuck in the flat. Hopefully he will get better soon!

2009. október 24., szombat

The floating boot

As for all the 16 month old toddlers, they love to pack things into boxes and move them out, Tristan is no different. One of his favourite activities at the momment is spreading his duplo set all around the flat, for example the other day we have found a piece in the dirty washing basket. He loves to go deep into the draws and rearrange everything in there. He should understand that mum doesn't really need a plastic hammer in her kitchen! These things are all natural and very adorable. But tonight, when we found his brand new boot floating in the toilet, we weren't laughing so much!

Nice try