2009. október 30., péntek

Lonely weekend

Daddy has just left for Denmark to play for the Hungarian national team, good luck for them! The game is on tomorrow, but they only arriving back on Monday.
As mum is working Tristan is going down to his grandparents on Saturday and only coming back on Wednesday morning. He has got a runny nose so we can't really do a lot of things, but stuck in the flat. Hopefully he will get better soon!

2009. október 24., szombat

The floating boot

As for all the 16 month old toddlers, they love to pack things into boxes and move them out, Tristan is no different. One of his favourite activities at the momment is spreading his duplo set all around the flat, for example the other day we have found a piece in the dirty washing basket. He loves to go deep into the draws and rearrange everything in there. He should understand that mum doesn't really need a plastic hammer in her kitchen! These things are all natural and very adorable. But tonight, when we found his brand new boot floating in the toilet, we weren't laughing so much!

Nice try

2009. október 16., péntek

15 month jab

Tristan had his 15 month jabs yesterday, one is for pneumococcus and the other one is for measles (kanyaró). He can have temperature in the next 2 weeks, he has been fine until now, tap tap. He has 16 teeth and he is 78 centimeters (shorty).
The weather is horrible and mum feels under the weather, bit of a head aswell, so we are staying in most of the time!
Where has the sunshine gone? It's time to prepare for Xmas!