2014. május 25., vasárnap

Elen ar y Beic

It did not take long for Elen to master the art of riding a Bike , Well she had a good teacher  !
She is still a bit shaky going around corners but tomorrow we three will go by bike to School. We cannot wait .

2014. május 21., szerda


Time since skiing just flew by again, spring is nearly over well it looks like the weather has changed, so prepare for summer picture from now on!
We had a lovely Easter, with now both of Tristan and Elen in the same school we experienced both sides of the lovely Hungarian tradition 'watering' (locsolás). This means Tristan and 2 of his friends and their dads spent the morning walking around the village and visiting girls from school and they watered them and in reciving they had been given painted eggs and hospitality. Eli had some visitors too, she was really shy, but loved it obviously :)

We had a small tree falling accident and Tristan broke his arm, he was brilliant with the doctors, luckily everything is back to normal now and he can use his bike and scooter as madly as he wants again.

Elen is so eager to learn to ride the bike, hopefully this will be sorted soon! She had her ear pierced which was rather dramatic, but eventually she is really happy with it!

Arwel is just Arwel, he is constatnly smiling (and eating), little darling he is, terrible with climbing on everything though...

End of April the parents went to Dusseldorf for a long weekend, it was so much fun, I think we deserved it!