2012. január 24., kedd

Skiing in Radstadt

A little time for ourselves - my new favourite: Jagatee, Gareth just stuck with the good old Schladminger...

Kids fooling around

Every morning problem

Girls waiting while...

...Dad and 2 other helpers trying their best with Tristan

5 o'clock tea or cake more like!

2012. január 14., szombat

2012. január 10., kedd

Going to school - country style :)

Tristan's first piece of art - a sheep :)

Elen's corner

It's been a while I wanted to post about our little girl and now it's her birthady (month) I grab the opportunity and keep everyone updated about her development.
As every 2 years old baby she had to see a sort of nurse (védőnő) and we found out the followings: even though her height is normal, the lady said her weight is under average, but she is not skinny at all, she got her little cushions where it's needed, but she is still light as a feather. We agreed that she is definitely going to be supermodel shape!
Only couple of weeks ago she really started to talk, but since than, Oh, my Lord! She would not stop!
Here are some cute little phrases (in Hungarian) she uses:
Triszti sír-cici csiiii
She is absolutely adorable when she talks, really cute voice and words and also she gives these certain looks for being hurt or feeling sorry for someone, lovely! It is different with a girl, I can comb her hair (what is going to be a challenge by to look of it as it's getting really curly) for minutes and she just sits, really lady like! Here is a picture of the Missy with her first two ponytales, she loved them!

She is really advanced in getting dressed and eating by herself, she actually insist on doing everything 'egyedül' (alone). She is also very girlish in the way she is running, Daddy always picking on her, I just find it cute!
A bit annoying terrible two thing is coming up: tantrum. She has perfected a high pitch note when she screams, with tears and all, which she can turn on at a drop of a hat! Causes for tantrums: wiping her hands in something else but the kitchen towel, picking the blue boots when she wants to wear the pink one (Oh, yeah, everything in pink colour belongs to her by the way), Daddy taking her jacket off instead of Mummy, taking her hat off in the car, cutting up her food without permission etc.