2017. július 10., hétfő

Camping in Casavio 2016

The reason I'm writing this post as we are going back to the same place as we were last year and I have loads to catch up with here on the blog. Our first camping was in Slovenia 2015, Catrin was only half a year old, it was fun, but cold. So we decided on a seaside camping for the next trip and we loved it, so we go back this year again. Can I say that we are officialy campers now?? Here are some pictures from last year.

Tristan is 9 years old

On his birthday they went to an adventure park with the summer camp, he busted his eyebrow, so he has a big black eye now! In the afternoon 2 of his friends came over and they slept in the small tent. It was a fun evening! Although they went to bed past 11 and went for a walk with the dog at 5.15....! Didn't wake us thank God, just around 7 that they were STARVING! Here are some pictures: