2009. február 17., kedd

Ba ba ba ba and a little follow through

Catch me if you can

(For some reason we are unable to put any more videos on the blog, hopefully it will change)

2009. február 12., csütörtök

Chasing the duck

Revison - the last one

Well, this year they published a lot of new Saints and Names in the calendar, and previously we looked on the internet about Tristan and it had 7th of February and 28th of November. They say, it is best to have the Saint day before the brithday (as the Saint brings the baby of something) so that is why we picked the February one. Yesterday I have realised that the new calendars show the 28th of November as Stefánia and Trisztán namedays...so I think we change it. WE ARE GOING TO CELEBRATE IT ON THE 28TH OF NOVEMBER. No more changes....

2009. február 9., hétfő


Tristan saint day

On the 7th of February in Hungary we celebrate the Name Tristan, it is like a second birthday.

2009. február 7., szombat

News - today 7 months old

Just a quick review in the development, videos are coming soon aswell:
- defenately crawling phase and actually sat up twice today
- the 5th and 6th teeth are pushing through so I wasn't really eating well the last couple of weeks, but this seems to be changing now, today was the first time for a little meat (turkey breast) which went down quite well, just like daddy I like the breast :)
- we started the swimming again and this time I'm loving it, to go under aswell