2010. június 26., szombat

2010. június 20., vasárnap

We are ill

Thanks for this virus and the fever Tristan slept with us for the first time last night for a few hours! It was fun, except when I felt his legs kicking in my stomach and I have realised he took all the space as he was lying across...

2010. június 18., péntek

2010. június 11., péntek

6 month review

I know that Elen is not 6 month old yet, but the pediatritan was here yesterday for the 6 month check up and loads of other things are worth to write about.
Weight: 6700 gramms (fair size...)
Length: 63 centimeters (not very long)
Teeting: after a loooot of saliva her first tooth (bottom front left) broke through today
Knowledge: she is turning back to front, playing with the rattles and eaitng everything she can
Feeding: she has started go on a few solids such as pear, banana and apple, which is not her favourite, but the first 2 she can finish a half of! In the coming weeks she will try a few vegetables, carrot and maybe potato etc.!
Sleeping: she sleeps through the night and has about 3 naps a day, virtually after every feeding

2010. június 2., szerda

Few pictures of the Welsh trip in May

An international traveller

On the road lovely princess

On the road cool dude

Tristan in the new ball tent

Elen watching the tv