2010. június 11., péntek

6 month review

I know that Elen is not 6 month old yet, but the pediatritan was here yesterday for the 6 month check up and loads of other things are worth to write about.
Weight: 6700 gramms (fair size...)
Length: 63 centimeters (not very long)
Teeting: after a loooot of saliva her first tooth (bottom front left) broke through today
Knowledge: she is turning back to front, playing with the rattles and eaitng everything she can
Feeding: she has started go on a few solids such as pear, banana and apple, which is not her favourite, but the first 2 she can finish a half of! In the coming weeks she will try a few vegetables, carrot and maybe potato etc.!
Sleeping: she sleeps through the night and has about 3 naps a day, virtually after every feeding

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