2008. március 15., szombat

23rd week

If you click on the link below in the first minutes you can see me hickuping, than I will cover my face with my hands for about 2 minutes!


2008. március 3., hétfő

Behind the Name: TRISTAN


Gender: Masculine

Usage: Welsh, English, French, Celtic Mythology

Pronounced: TRIS-tan (English), trees-TAWN (French)

From the Celtic name Drystan, which was probably derived from drest meaning "riot" or "tumult". It is sometimes associated with Latin tristis "sad", but this connection is doubtful. In Celtic legend Tristan was sent to Ireland in order to fetch Isolde, who was to be the bride of King Mark of Cornwall. Instead, Tristan and Isolde end up falling in love.

Possible namedays (saints) in Hungary: 7th February, 28th November