2012. december 19., szerda


Tristans creation from school

First exciting thing, the cards

It's started! We have the tree, the kids were kissing and hugging it :)

2012. október 30., kedd

2012. október 23., kedd

A family get together on Gareth's mum side with all the great grand children!

Can't find her place yet

The "purpose" of the get together

The parents are trying to make the kids laugh

Introducing ourselves to everyone

A little Uncle Gareth time

It's time to go home

2012. október 22., hétfő

Wales in September

On the plane

Sleeping beauty
Caerphilly Castle


Watching Leah's training in Cardiff

2012. szeptember 20., csütörtök


We had a lot of changes in our lifes recently, which we are getting used to at the moment. The biggest change that about a month ago Dad lost his job and he is home since. The kids are loving it. He is looking and we are hoping he will find something soon, although it is really nice for the whole family that we are together so much!
Tristan started a new school as last year in the state nursery he was starting to become a bit...hm different. He is now going to a Waldorf school and we are (including him) super happy with it!
Little Elen is not so little any more, she decided that she is big girl now so she is off the nappies now and doing a whole bunch of things very independently. And she is constatly talking...
Baby bump is growing, but he (yes, it looks like he is going to be a boy) is behaving rather well! I am in the second trimester, trying to stay active, but I'm starting to feel the hard time is approaching slowly.
We still have a big adventure in front of us, next week a trip to Wales!
Here are some picture from the last few weeks...

2012. július 26., csütörtök

The Third

I have been waiting for this picture to write the first post about Numero 3! Time flew and I realised I have already finished 1st trimester and we are in the 14th week. Yesterday we had a check up and everything was fine, the legth is about 7-8 centimeters but he couldn't be sure about the sex, may have seen something there, but we have to wait. To be hones the activity was reminding us to Tristi and baby is moving so much! I have been feeling the movement for weeks now, like a little tennis ball inside! Anyway if it's superactive boy like our son they will keep each other occupied the rest of their lives....

2012. július 20., péntek

Holiday in Croatia

Still Trogir


The walk around Primosten old town

A very wavy and windy beach