2012. július 26., csütörtök

The Third

I have been waiting for this picture to write the first post about Numero 3! Time flew and I realised I have already finished 1st trimester and we are in the 14th week. Yesterday we had a check up and everything was fine, the legth is about 7-8 centimeters but he couldn't be sure about the sex, may have seen something there, but we have to wait. To be hones the activity was reminding us to Tristi and baby is moving so much! I have been feeling the movement for weeks now, like a little tennis ball inside! Anyway if it's superactive boy like our son they will keep each other occupied the rest of their lives....

2012. július 20., péntek

Holiday in Croatia

Still Trogir


The walk around Primosten old town

A very wavy and windy beach