2008. június 24., kedd

2,5 weeks to go - Summary by Zita

Well, I have been told off, that I don't write enough, so here it goes.

As you know, my due date is 12th July, so less than 3 weeks, but we can never know when Tristan is going to feel like to pay a visit...especially with this weather now. Today it was about 35 degrees outside, in the shade of course. So I think I made kind of and achievement (fans, curtains whatever) with the 28 degrees in the flat! Anyway, I'm struggling.

We are really looking forward to the baby to come, but still so much to do with the flat and what happened on the weekend (the accident) didn't help us either. But in our minds and souls we are totally ready.

I have to go the CTG check every week, where they listen to the baby's heartbeat and monitor his movements for about 20 minutes, my next check is on Thursday. They can't really tell anything about the WHEN, they only can tell if he is going to come on that day or not.
Only thing I can feel is that Tristan is moving less and less which means that we are approaching to the end.

2008. június 10., kedd

36th week - Definitely a BOY!

And the good news is I have turned, so ready to go :)

Weight is app. 2700 gramms, getting bigger!