2008. december 25., csütörtök

Few more pictures from Wales around Xmas

This is Caerphilly, where my father is from. We went for a nice walk around the town and visited the great grand mothers.
I got loads of presents one of them is my first Welsh rugby kit.

With my cousin, Leah.

2008. december 11., csütörtök

Fighting and wrecking a play mat with Gellért

That's how its all started, we have been put on the same play mat.

Then suddenly things got a little interesting.

Which we both thought was quite funny.

Then I turned
but Gellért wasn't
shy either...

Daddy! Wait until I get older!

2008. december 5., péntek

First kiss

Puszi means little kiss in Hungarian and the "bride to be" is Barbara a 9 month old girlfriend.

2008. december 2., kedd

My new voice

Doing our excercises

Probably a lot of you know, that dad had a serious knee injury. I was thinking how could I help his rehab. Here it goes:

2008. november 14., péntek

Early surprise

This morning the first tooth broke through, which explains the weird behaviour in the last couple of days! Few weeks and we start to eat fruits, starting with apple, peach and banana....yammmiiiii! Until than I have to practice my bite on my toys and daddy's fingers and on virtually everything what I can grab on!

2008. szeptember 14., vasárnap

Tristan turned for the first time!

Yesterday morning I have put him down on his stomach and went out to the kitchen, he started to cry loud. I went back, to check on him, and he was on his back! He got really frightened from this new thing, but since than thats all he does is trying to turn again, we will try to catch the second turn. He is so funny.

2008. szeptember 11., csütörtök

After my first jab - mum says I was a hero!

Only cried a bit even though I had fever after, now I need to sleep all day, so you are lucky to catch me awake :)

2008. augusztus 29., péntek


Gareth was always saying that Zita looked like a little boy...well, now she knows what he ment!

2008. augusztus 9., szombat

Bathing on a bad day

Now I have realised that bathing is so much fun, so whatever happens a little swimming always can relax me. Of course I hate to come out so I always start to cry than!



Well, that's not the best picture of me, but tells us why I'm called fatty...Hey, I'm over a month old, growing boy :)