2015. április 1., szerda

Arwel's vocabulary

Arwel has started to talk recently and he comes out with some really funny things:
Ninni - inni (drink)
Nanna - banán (banana)
Ez ki? - mi ez? (what is that)
Oghurt - joghurt (yoghurt)
Pukodáj - pók (precopen) - any insect
Móni - póni (pony)
Iszi - nyuszi (bunny)
Kakas - any bird
Vevéd (Levéd), Sanga (Csenge) - kids names
Lapoz - it meas to turn the page, if he wants to look at a book
Loooccs - Blodyn
Puci - cipő (shoe)
Kakaró - takaró
Vovacska - lovacska (horse)

A man passing us, he points and says: Daddy! - we say, no it's not Daddy, he starts thinking and says: Másik Daddy! - (other daddy)