2010. március 28., vasárnap

Afternoon at the ER

Well, the time has come, we were all waiting for something like this to happen. Knowing Gareth's past (he was a regular at the local hospital) we were actually surprised it took us 21 months for the first visit!
Of course it was Tristan, who else. Him and his 2 fellow jumpers were going nuts on the trambuline and all of a sudden he collapsed and didn't want to stand on his foot since. Thank God, nothing serious, he had an X-ray, but nothing is shown, it's not swallen or purple, he just refuses to walk on it. The doctor said, it's normal, don't push him to do something what he doesn't want to. To be honest, we really enjoy this new, injured Tristan! He is calm, slow and loves cuddles, but hopefully a few days and we will get our little bouncy devil back!

This all happened at a new place where we started to go swimming on the Saturdays! Little Elen had her first time and she absolutely loved it! She is a natural, defenately a swimmer to be! The new place is really nice, we followed our favourite instructor (Csilla néni) as she left the old place were we attended, but after the sessions no more trambuline for a while!

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