2010. augusztus 15., vasárnap

We are off on Tuesday

We are off to Wales on Tuesday, we are really excited, started packing already...
Roadtrip plan:
17th afternoon: 4 hours drive until Kronstorf, a little village next to the German-Austrian border
18th: 7 hours drive until Düsseldorf where we are staying at our friend's place
19th: 4 hours to Calais, than 2 hours with the ferry until Dover, than another 3,5 hours to Wales
We are staying in Wales until 22nd than we are visiting Ian in Cornwall, hopefully we'll be lucky with some sunny weather on the beach!
Back to Wales on the 25th and we are going to Rachel's and Phil's wedding on the 28th what we are also really looking forward to!
On the way back we are only stopping in Düsseldorf and we are arriving on the 31th of August!
Long way, huh?

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