2010. szeptember 2., csütörtök


After 2 days driving and 1 day doing absolutely nothing I can announce that we have arrived home. We have put about 5000 kilometers in the car (mostly Daddy, well done, big thank you for that). The drive back was much easier with the kids they were really calm and probably got used to this travelling thing by then, only a little sickness every now and then bothered us. Of course the ferry ride was the roughest I have ever lived through! Tristan made sure everyone was feeling sorry for him for about an hour, poor little man...than he puked so we had a nice audience! On that day I have done 5 brutal nappy and 5 sickness with changing the whole outfit (the washing machine haven't stopped since we arrived).
We are back to normal, although the summer has gone without saying goodbye, little sad about that, but there we are, it's time for jumpers and jackets!
Next thing to look forward to is the half marathon on Sunday, go on Daddy and Mammy!

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