2011. március 28., hétfő

Elen is walking

It's been 2 weeks now since our little darling daugther decided that she is ready and started walking on her own. She is a level-headed person, so she waited until she was certain. She is going through big developments as she also teething, so now she is eating what we have and with the extra teeth her smile changed and she looks even more prettier! Tristan enjoys his new play buddy as he is starting to realise Elen is not only for torture :) Although Elen has realised she has to stand up for herself. As soon as Tristan takes her toy or pushes her or even goes near her if she doesn't want company, she turn on the tears! Very clever, but we know her little tricks now so we are trying to be righteous, not easy. She started to walk a bit later, but she is very skillful in other things. She is eating a lot of things by herself now and she is very annoyed if we decide to feed her. She is copying her brother in everything, she is playing by herself so well! She still sleeps twice a day, very good sleeper, no problems in the nights.

First step video 3rd of March, the day before we moved!

2 weeks later...

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