2009. szeptember 18., péntek

26th week of the pregnancy

We are getting really closer to the 3rd trimester and in case of an early birth the baby would stay alive most likely, the chances are higher each day:
"The development that is occurring at this stage may seem small and insignificant, but it is very important as your baby begins to prepare for his/her entry into the world. The nerves in the ears are developing and allowing your baby to respond more consistently to the sounds that he/she hears. Your baby is also continuing to swallow amniotic fluid which is causing his/her lungs to develop".
And also she can realize weather is night or day and has her sleeping rutine also and she is starting to open her eyes.

Alltogether we are really well, it's a bit tougher nowdays as Tristan is teething and he is very awake in the nights, prepares us for the begining anyway! Mammy is getting lazier but still trying to keep active and do everything as normal as long as we can! We also started the rearrangements of the kids room and sorting the clothes out for the little girl, she doesn't have one pink item yet!

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