2009. szeptember 7., hétfő

Long weekend in Lutzmannsburg

We have spent lovely 3 days in Austria, near the border in an awesome wellness place, which is all about kids and parents, they got everything what you need when you have kids, even babies. We were swimming, went on the bikes, had lovely food and enjoyed ourselves very much. This is the website, we totally recommend the place, especially with children: http://www.sonnenpark.at/
We also left our camera there and unlike a lot of place they have found it and sent it back to us, so thanks for that, here are some pictures and videos.

Tristan going for his massage


Bikeride over to Hungary, the border is 200 meters away

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Hu mekkora pocakod van, gyonyoru!!!
    Triszti a kopenyeben nagyon komoly!!!
    Mar alig varom, hogy lassalak benneteket!

  2. Nagyon komoly a köntös! Most azt nem tudom, hogy egy britt úraságra vagy egy komoly vizlabdásra hasonlít a mi kis keresztfiunk Sir.Llooyd Thristan László! puszi Viktor